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7/9/2013   Marshall Sylver
7/11/2013   Dr. Steve G. Jones
7/16/2013   Michael Stevenson
7/18/2013   Dr. Will Horton
7/23/2013   Jim Katsoulis
7/25/2013   Dave VanHoose
7/30/2013   Dr. Joe Vitale
8/1/2013   Richard Nongard
8/6/2013   Dave Lakhani
8/8/2013   Jonathan Royle
8/13/2013   Dantalion Jones
8/15/2013   Tom Nicoli
8/20/2013   Paul Hoffman
8/22/2013   Adam Mortimer
8/27/2013   Bill Harris
9/3/2013   Nan Akasha
9/5/2013   Richard Luck
9/10/2013   Dr. Scott Lewis
9/12/2013   Mitchell Stevko
9/17/2013   Al Perhacs
9/19/2013   Jim Miller

Tellman Knudson
Teleseminar Host

Brad Codd
Teleseminar Producer
Our goal is to put on the largest, most interactive, educational and implementable NLP Event in the world and to share it with you for FREE. The NLP Event is dedicated to the study and practical application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your life. We give you interviews with the most cutting-edge NLP Practitioners and trainers in the world who share their insight and wisdom on the multitude of ways you can use NLP to make your life and the lives of the people around more amazing every day. Our goal is to put on the largest, most interactive, educational and implementable NLP Event in the world and to share it with you for free.

The NLP Event is the world's largest Neuro-Linguistic Programming Event in history. With more speakers who use NLP in their practices, businesses, teachings, books, home study courses and seminars - and with more attendees who get Certified in NLP and use NLP to improve their lives and the lives of others we are tremendously happy and grateful to have such incredible attendance and extraordinary teachers.

The NLP Event is putting the power of NLP into the hands of the people. We hold the largest NLP gathering in the world, featuring the smartest and most cutting Edge NLP Practitioners & Trainers from around the world. Enjoy - this season is AMAZING!

7/9/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Marshall Sylver

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Irresistible Influence
The Kickoff Call for The NLP Event with none other than Mr. Marshall Sylver was a virtual Mental Mind-Circus of Neuro-Linguistic, Neuro-Plasticity...

Marshall shared with us his 6 step method for for persuading, influencing and ultimately using NLP Techniques to sell more products and services than you've ever imagined humanly possible.

He gave away an INCREDIBLE gift at the end that will leave you stunned and amazed - and you'll learn how to get trained personally by Marshall to permanently transform your Net Worth through practical application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

You are going to love everything Marshall has to offer.

7/11/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Steve G. Jones

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NLP Basics: Anchors, Representational Systems, Rapport
Dr. Steve G. Jones is absolutely BRILLIANT!

If you've ever wanted to learn the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming then you're going to flip in your grave when you hear what Steve has to say. He teaches about Anchors, about Triggers... and talks about Rapport - about mirroring - about matching... He reveals secrets about Representational Systems - and how people use NLP to improve their own lives in hundreds of different ways.

In this interview you're going to learn where and how to get trained and Certified as an NLP Practitioner.

If you haven't been trained in NLP then start with this incredible call with Dr. Steve G. Jones... and if you are simply looking to brush-up on your already incredible NLP Skills then Steve is going to re-awaken your Inner NLP Genius.

Enjoy this call - it'll light your brain up!

7/16/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Michael Stevenson

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How To Never Lose An Argument Again
Michael Stevenson brought down the house during this amazing NLP interview.

He told us about the 6 months he spent homeless, sleeping on park benches... And how he used NLP to turn his life around!

You'll discover why Slight of Mouth patterns are the most powerful NLP techniques out there to improve your relationships, easily make the sale and turn any dispute or disagreement upside down. While both sides instantly win!... By using just the 1st of his 16 extraordinary Slight-Of-Mouth patterns.

The Free Gift he put together for you will completely "upgrade" how you use your sub-conscious to achieve instant levels of MASSIVE success!

Tune-in for this interview - Michael Stevenson is a life changer!

7/18/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Will Horton

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NLP Mind Hacks: How To Get Certified In NLP
NLP & Porn? That's right...

In The 7 "Secret Powers" of NLP: Dr. Will Horton is going to Drop The Hammer in his amazing interview on Neuro Linguistic Programming and the strange and ususual ways it can be used to change lives...

Having Trained and Certified more than 20,000 people live in his specialized Neuro Linguistic Methods, The Doctor is going to reveal the 3 most powerful uses of N.L.P.... As well as how to use N.L.P. to help people with Alocohol, Drug and yes, even Porn Addiction!...

We'll talk about the thousands of careers that are awaiting newly certified NLP Practitioners... AND How to build an insanely lucrative NLP Based practice - working with individuals, groups or even with people online.

If you've been thinking about getting Certified in NLP and you don't know who to turn to, then tune In.

This is a call that you don't want to miss...

7/23/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Jim Katsoulis

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How To Quickly & Easily lose weight with N.L.P.
What's the #1 use of Hypnosis & NLP in the world?

Burn off the fat, eliminate Emotional Eating, super-charge your exercise Motivation and get back to your High-School Weight with Master NLP Practitioner Jim Katsoulis...

Jim Katsoulis is an expert at helping shift your sub-conscious habits to achieve perfect health and perfect weight.

If you know anyone who wants to lose weight, or get in better shape... If you've ever struggled with issues around what you eat, how much you eat - or your ability to exercise, then this call is going to turn everything around...

If you have a few extra pounds to drop - and you want to do it easily and effortlessly - then this is the call for you!

7/25/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dave VanHoose

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NLP & Sales Presentations
Dave Van Hoose rattled the cages of NLP practitioners around the world in his mind-altering talk on how to use Neuro Linguistic Anchors and Triggers to craft riveting Sales Presentations that sell millions upon millions of dollars of products and services from Stage, Teleseminar and Webinar alike...

Dave exposed his 5 step formula for creating NLP Enhanced Sales Presentations - and exactly what you need to do to double, triple or even quadruple your income in the next 90 days using his incredible methods.

You're going to learn how to use Story Telling to sell whatever you're offering... and why "teaching" will kill your sales - on demand - Every Single TIME!

Listening to this call will change the way you think about NLP and Hypnosis - and will permanently upgrade what you believe is possible in your own personal income.

Enjoy. Dave is a keeper.

7/30/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Joe Vitale

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Leave All Financial Limits Behind And Think Like An Awakened Millionaire!
Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many bestselling books to mention them all here, but some of them include "Attract Money Now", "Zero Limits", and "The Attractor Factor".

Dr. Vitale really gets into our heads today with his incredible talk on NLP and how language controls reality. When you listen to this call you'll learn how to overcome limiting belief systems, as they relate to money, wealth and your personal income.

Joe also reveals the key difference between people who always feel stalled and stuck - and how to become an instant action taker! Also, listen for the key to permanently re-writing your internal map of reality around money.

He's been through it all - the lowest points of homelessness... When he couldn't even afford a 60-cent bus fare and was hungry and jobless... And how he used NLP to turn it all around.

You're going to have a completely different viewpoint on money and reality by the time this call is complete. Enjoy!

8/1/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Richard Nongard

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New NLP Modeling
Phobias, Addictions & Regret... Richard Nongard shifted our consciousness during his groundbreaking presentation!...

He taught us how to use NLP to overcome the world's WORST Phobias - from Fear of Flying to Fear of Spiders - Phobias CAN be eliminated quickly and easily with his incredible methods.

Not only that - Richard revealed the true secret behind instantly eliminating addictions - Drug Addictions, Porn Addictions, Screen Addictions, and yes, Alcohol and Cigarette Addictions as well!

He showed all of us the subtle shift that lets people move out of the past and regret and into a bright, exciting and hopeful future - and how to help people in your life who may be suffering from any of these problems.

Richard taught his 5-step process for learning an NLP Pattern FAST, and exactly what to do if you want to create the life of your dreams.

Listen to every word Richard has to say. It'll be the best thing you do all year!...

8/6/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dave Lakhani

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NLP & Persuasion -
Dave Lakhani rocked everyone's world during his talk on How To Use NLP for Persuasion & Influence. Dave over-delivered like you've never seen (and right at the beginning you'll see a FANTASTIC reframe in action).

You'll discover how Dave used NLP in law enforcement interrogation and undercover operations... How Dave uses NLP in One-on-One Sales situations (we talked about how to use NLP to sell cars like crazy!...)

When and How to use NLP in a "pick-up" situation...Why NLP is so powerful to add into any Sales or Group presentation, especially as a public speaker... And even how to use NLP as a Real Estate salesperson.

If you've every wanted to improve your persuasion and influence skills - then pay close attention to this call.

8/8/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Jonathan Royle

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NLP Techniques for Love & Relationships
Jonathan Royle spiced things up with his interview on How to use NLP in all types of Relationships...

From picking up girls, to keeping existing relationships alive, all the way to recovering or "fixing" relationships that are on the rocks, you'll learn how to use Embedded Commands, Double Binds, Mesmerism and Cold Reading to connect with and captivate people of the opposite sex.

Jonathan got some flack from some of our more conservative listeners about his techniques for meeting women... So if you're easily upset, or don't like your personal boundaries to be pushed...

Then this call might not be for you...

However, if you're constantly curious, always want to know about new and different applications of NLP - and even feel that your relationships could use a little "spicing up", then this incredible interview with the UK's most controversial hypnotist will keep you coming back for more.

8/13/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dantalion Jones

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How To Control People's Minds with NLP
Dantalion Jones reached into our minds, took hold and wouldn't let go! He tells ALL in this exclusive interview.

His amazing discussion on Mind Control cannot be missed - as Dantalion explained the ins and outs of this misunderstood "dark art"... He explained how and why Mind Control can be used for evil purposes... Why that rarely works - and how to use his cutting edge Mind Control methods to improve the lives of the people around you.

The topic of Cults was discussed, followed by an engaging conversation about Conspiracy Theory and The Illuminati!

If you want to know how to shift people's thinking at will, listen to this call and study it closely...

8/15/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Tom Nicoli

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NLP & Weight Loss
Tom Nicoli - The NLP Weight Loss Specialist as featured on DateLine NBC rocked our Fat Burning World with his amazing interview on How To Lose Weight Quickly & Easily With The Power of Your Mind!

Tom reveals...Why Willpower rarely works and often is the culprit behind people getting FATTER when they go on diets... The #1 Way to stick to any diet you want to try (and how to do it for FREE!)...How NLP can be helpful for people with Thyroid Conditions!...

He describes the secret mechanism in the brain that determines if you succeed or fail at reaching your goals (you're not going to believe what Tom said!)...

Tom has conducted thousands upon thousands of sessions to help people just like you lose weight quickly and permanently. Yes, he tells ALL in this incredible, exclusive Neuro-Linguistic Programming Weight Loss Interview!

Listen in and hit your perfect weight now!

8/20/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Paul Hoffman

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Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats & NLP
How long does it take to create a new habit? Paul Hoffman reveals the similarities and differences between Binarual Beats and Isocronic Tones.

In this live interview exclusively for The NLP event, Paul discusses exactly what methods and technologies are best to use to create the results in your life you desire...

He reveals exactly how long it takes to create a new habit (or change an old one) and how to use MRT technology to quickly and easily create the new habits or "rituals" in your life that will change things for good.

If you want to lose weight, get in better shape, improve your finances or transform your relationships Paul Hoffman is about to give you the ultimate shortcut to limitless success.

Prepare yourself for this mind-melting interview!

8/22/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Adam Mortimer

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs about Money Using NLP
Adam Mortimer just wiped my mind CLEAN (of Limiting beliefs that is!)...

Do you know the top 3 limiting beliefs that keep most people stuck? Adam not only revealed what they are but he explained how they happen - and what to do to IMMEDIATELY bypass them and achieve success in your life.

He walked us through one of his "Quantum Meditations" live on the call. You have to EXPERIENCE it to feel the full impact of his incredible techniques.

Prepare to look at the world through a whole new set of eyes By listening to Adam's interview now - you'll be smiling all week!

8/27/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Bill Harris

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Secrets to Success and Making Money
Bill Harris is the inventor of Holosync Technology and the founder of Centerpointe Research Institute.

He shifted our focus time after time during this incredible interview as he revealed why NLP isn't really enough to make massive change, but also showed us how to develop increased and enhanced Self Awareness so you know WHERE to use NLP to achieve meaningful change.

Bill also discussed the secret technology he used to generate more than $150 Million in sales, while helping upwards of 2 million people across the globe - in 192 different countries.

If you've ever wondered what's holding you back from achieving success... Why you don't achieve your goals, or why you aren't making the kind of money you know you can... Look no further.

Bill Harris, NLP Expert and Guru of Personal Transformation will enlighten your perspective and "upgrade your brain" during this mind-blowing interview!

9/3/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Nan Akasha

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Transform Your Money Story in One Day!
Nan Akasha brought the house down with her amazing interview on The Money Story!

Nan explained how The Money Story works, why EVERYONE has one and exactly what you need to do in order to change yours to one of wealth, abundance and prosperity!...

Nan told us her riveting story of massive setbacks... losing EVERYTHING, divorce and much, much worse... She outlined her exact process for turning lemons into lemonaid...

When you hear how she uses NLP to re-frame subconscious thinking around money - you'll never think about yourself the same way again!

Enjoy this incredible journey Nan is about to take you on. It's one you'll remember for the rest of your life.

9/5/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Richard Luck

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Find Mr. Right
If you've ever had a hard time meeting men, (more importantly - the RIGHT man)... Then listen up - this call is all about attracting YOUR perfect man.

Richard Luck revolutionized the way women around the world think about relationships in this incredibly revealing interview. He teaches you how to use NLP to improve your relationships, and how to change the way you think about what you REALLY WANT - in order to be able to spot the perfect man FAST the moment he shows up...

He answers the most common questions women have about, such as: why you can't find good men ANYWHERE, why men aren't attracted to you and why men always leave you after just a few short weeks.

You'll find this incredible interview to be absolutely fascinating! Prepare to attract the perfect man into your life!

Get ready for Mr. Right. He's waiting for you!

9/10/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Dr. Scott Lewis

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How To Use NLP For Permanent Weight Loss
Dr. Scott Lewis cracked my cortex when he started talking about how to use the basic building blocks of NLP (Namely Anchors) to quickly - and permanently help clients to lose weight and Keep it off!

He told us about his true story and personal "Battle With The Bulge" that drove him to help people around the world reclaim their perfect body!

You're about to discover how to use anchors to permanently eliminate cravings for "Comfort Foods" and Desserts; why some people are motivated to exercise, while others simply aren't (and what to do about it); the single most powerful technique to use in order to stick to any diet you choose... and much, much more!

Enjoy this incredible Weight Loss interview with Dr. Scott Lewis.

9/12/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Mitchell Stevko

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Learn the 7 Sleep Strategies of Great Sleepers to Transform Your Energy and Productivity
Mitchell Stevko is co-founder/CEO of The Sleep Companion, a proven program which teaches anyone to sleep deeply and effortlessly, so they can be more energized, productive, healthy and happy.

In addition, he is a mind-body health expert, with numerous certifications including Certified Health Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Health, NLP Trainer, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Energy Modalities.

He has co-authored numerous mind-body audio and ebook programs for health, including sleep, stress reduction, healing and weight loss.

9/17/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Al Perhacs

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Learning NLP FAST!
During this amazing interview Al Perhacs reveals the quickest, easiest and fastest way to get GREAT at NLP!

We talked about the many uses of NLP and what stands in most people's way of getting *real*, tangible results in their life.

Al combines NLP, Hypnosis, Martial Arts and Qigong into The Mind Force System for Maximum Performance. Prepare to take your mind - and your progress to new heights!

9/19/2013 3:00 PM Eastern
Jim Miller

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Using NLP for Influence, Negotiations and Sales
Jim Miller parted the curtain and revealed the #1 technique... the #1 principle... the #1 method for using NLP to achieve insurmountable levels of Influence in any situation you find yourself in...

From Sales situations, to meeting new people, to getting a better job - when you master INFLUENCE you have taken the first step toward mastering the world around you...

You'll learn exactly what this incredible Influence Tool is - and how to use it quickly and easily - with knowledge you already have buried inside you.

If you want to sell more, make more - or simply have more productive interactions with the people in your life - listen to this interview - it'll change EVERYTHING!


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